Job Costing and Routing/Scheduling

Of all the critical functions a manager needs to perform, job costing is one of the most important, but also one of the most neglected. The reason why is quite obvious: too little time and resources to devote to this mundane, but essential task.

As part of the Main Module, Job Costing alleviates much of this problem by generating cost information directly from invoicing, materials usage, timesheet entry and accounts payable. As with the rest of CompuScapes, Job Costing was designed specifically for the green industry. All necessary information is presented in a clear, concise manner, without making you wade through mountains of paper just to find the profit margin of a job.

Another time consuming task is routing and scheduling maintenance accounts. The Routing and Scheduling module allows you to maintain a schedule of maintenance, chemical application or other repetitive service. Job Services can be scheduled automatically or manually. Route Sheets can be printed in detail, summary or user-defined custom formats. A complete service history is kept for each job location.

If billing on a per-service basis, Job Service invoices are generated by individual billing cycle, and optionally, can consolidate multiple jobs for one billing customer.