Invoicing and Accounts Receivable

Money is the life-blood of any company.

A good Accounts Receivable system gives you the means to accurately handle billing activity, identify delinquent accounts and simplify collections which can greatly improve cash flow. CompuScapes can give an accurate and complete picture of your receivables at any time.

As part of the Main Module, Invoicing and Accounts Receivable are fully integrated with the rest of the system. Workorders, Job Transactions and Job Services feed directly into Invoicing. In turn, Invoicing will update the Customer and Job Costing portions of CompuScapes.

CompuScapes Invoicing can meet practically any billing specification: Maintenance Customers can be billed on a per-service or fixed contract basis. Installations or ‘one-time’ jobs can be billed in-progress or upon completion.

Since historical information is vital to a business, CompuScapes can keep detailed invoice history forever, or for a limited time. These ‘history invoices’ can be viewed and reprinted at any time. In addition the Invoice and Cash Receipt Registers provide a detailed audit trail to billings and payments.

Tracking sales and/or commissions by salesperson is effortless. Individual commission amounts can be calculated for installation, retail, contract and repetitive types of sales, based on gross or net sales, paid or unpaid invoices.

Invoices and statements can be emailed, printed or viewed and can be customized to fit your preprinted forms, letterhead or plain paper.