Interiorscape Module

Interior plant care companies have very unique needs. That’s why CompuScapes created the Interiorscape module. Fully integrated with the rest of CompuScapes software, the Interiorscape module pulls information directly from the Main Module, TimeKeeping and Accounts Payable systems. Each plant and container being maintained for the client can be entered into the system. Plant replacements can be scheduled and entered on a workorder for the technician to use, or can be entered after the replacement has been completed. The Interiorscape module also includes its own estimating program designed specifically for interiorscapers. Detailed estimates can include locations, plants, containers, installation notes and miscellaneous charges. Proposals, management reports and detailed installation lists can be generated. Once the estimate is accepted, the customer, job,
job cost and corresponding inventory becomes part of the permanent database. An installation workorder is also generated for the crews use.