Here’s what our customers have to say…

“CompuScapes has made my company more efficient, competitive, organized and most of all “profitable”. This software package efficiently handles everything from routing and scheduling to job costing and accounting. The support team is extremely helpful and have always assisted us in a timely fashion. CompuScapes is very user-friendly which made the transition seem like it ‘never happened’.”

“Since we began using CompuScapes we have realized enormous productivity increases throughout our office. Our estimating process is now streamlined and virtually error free. …CompuScapes has been very easy to get up and running. I have been very pleased with the level of support provided. Our questions are answered quickly and we have practically no down time. …After a few false starts with other software packages, CompuScapes has proven to been an excellent choice. It has exceeded our expectations for a quality package for all areas of our business.”

“CompuScapes software gives us the job cost information we need as soon as work is completed to allow for immediate adjustments to operations. The financial statements are customized so that we can change them as we desire. We are tracking Accounts Receivable more easily to allow for quicker collections and easier cash forecasting. The support we receive from CompuScapes is fast and efficient whenever a question arises.”

“Thanks to you and your staff for continually giving us such fine service. Your program is extremely user-friendly and at the same time it fulfills all our scheduling, billing, estimating and accounting needs. The upgrades keep CompuScapes growing as our needs grow. You are to be commended for having a staff that are not only proficient, but are also extremely courteous and caring in their approach in dealing with clients. Thank you!”

“After reviewing and rejecting several other nationally known products, we chose CompuScapes for our business. Its flexibility allowed us to maintain our uniqueness, rather than requiring that we change our business methods to suit the ‘one size fits all’ concept employed by other programs. The personal attention and support we have received since purchasing CompuScapes has allowed us to make full use of our investment.”

“I want to commend you on the outstanding job you did. With less than two month’s notice, you were able to take us successfully onto your system. . . . As we learn more about your system, we are realizing the vast amount of work it does.”